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Required Continuing Education for Home Inspectors
Courses Completed Online & Tests Proctored by Legacy Via Zoom Meeting



Below are 7 Illinois approved CE courses. Five are 3 Credit courses and two are 4 Credit courses.  The five 3 Credit courses are Mandatory and the two 4 Credit courses are Elective. For renewal 1/2 of the courses at least must be Mandatory.


COMPLETE the course online from your home computer.


THE COURSE TEST is proctored by Legacy using the Zoom APP.  You do this at your home and at your computer. Simply join one of our regularly scheduled proctor sessions. You will be notified of these on a weekly basis.


UPON PASSING the test Legacy will:

  1. Email you your transcript of completion
  2. Store a copy of your transcript in our files
  3. Input your credits into your State account.
  4. Our website will issue you a Certificate of Completion which is different from the transcript.



Illinois now requires a Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Class to renew your license.


This course is included in both of the Elective courses below or can be taken separately.  By itself,  it is not a CE credit course but does fulfill the State requirement for your license renewal in November


COMPLETE the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training online from your home computer.


THE COURSE TEST, if you choose Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by itself,  is included with the course and no proctored test is required.


UPON PASSING the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course:

  1. You will be issued a certificate on the course website
  2. Legacy will store a copy of your certificate in our files
  3. Upon license renewal check the box stating you have completed the State requirement

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