Sexual Harassment Training

Required Continuing Education for State Licensed Professionals

Sexual Harassment Training:

September 15, 2020 6-9:30 PM

November 1, 2020 9-3 PM

November 15, 2020 9-12 PM

New state of Illinois Requirements for Nov. 2020 Home Inspector License Renewal


In addition to 12 Hours of CE education, an inspector must take a 1 hour class on Preventing Sexual Harassment.


  1. The class must be coupled with an approved 3 hour CE elective. A stand alone 1 hour Sexual Harassment Training class is not acceptable.
  2. The Class must be conducted by a State Licensed Continuing Education Provider.
  3. The Class must be in a live classroom or webinar setting. Home study classes are not acceptable.
  4. If an inspector already has 12 CE credits for renewal, he/she must now add another 4 by completing the Sexual Harassment requirement.


Legacy Inspection Training, a State Licensed Continuing Education Provider, has received a license for the 1 hour Sexual Harassment class that is coupled with a 3 hour CE elective, The Thorough Inspection, for 4 total CE hours. The class will be delivered both in a live classroom setting. This will satisfy the State’s requirement for renewal.


Below is a list of classes we offer. You can register here. Seating is limited.

Continuing Education Classes are held at
Ramada Plaza , 1090 S. Milwaukee Ave. Wheeling IL.

7 hr. CE credit with Sexual Harassment class

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4 hour CE classes with Sexual Harassment credit

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